About Us
West Fort Worth Center of Hope is a nonprofit organization purposed to help families in our community thrive. By building trusting relationships, we help struggling families find stability.  Once achieved, we move forward with them to develop a plan of action to guide them to self-sufficiency. Our mission is accomplished through the efforts of our caring staff, volunteers, and partners as well as the programs and services we offer.

How did we get started?

The long-standing and award-winning Parker County Center of Hope established West Fort Worth Center of Hope as an independent non-profit with full access to its extensive ministry system in the Spring of 2019.   This included all the supporting infrastructure for its classes & programs developed over the past 20+ years. This ambitious step was taken to give WFWCOH immediate access to the tools it needs to help individuals and families living in the Las Vegas Trail (LVT) area of Tarrant County move forward into self-sufficiency.

Today, West Fort Worth Center of Hope is in the “start-up” phase with a high priority given to providing assistance to individuals and families in this community – Now.  Even as a brand-new organization, West Fort Worth Center of Hope has already established two active Programs, namely LVT Community Outreach and Workforce Development.

Our Mission Statement:


In Christ-like service, equipping and empowering people to live a successful, joy-filled life.


This gives the foundation and impetus for our extra efforts and sense of urgency.  We are who we are because of Jesus – and we thoughtfully and carefully share Him as we labor alongside the precious people that God puts into our path.  It is their right to believe whatever they choose to believe – and on this basis, we do not require ANY faith ANYTHING as a condition of being served.  We are called to see – really SEE each individual we encounter without any bias or any implied judgment or condemnation.



Too many of the those living in the LVT Community are in deep trouble.  They need to come to know and TRUST West Fort Worth Center of Hope, that its staff and volunteers are ready, willing and able to serve them and help them move forward.  


West Fort Worth Center of Hope team strives to first help stabilize families/households many with children that are struggling to make their life plan work.  After we help them achieve a level of stability, we move forward with them according to a jointly developed plan to help them achieve self-sufficiency.