LVT Apartment Outreach

Connections made with adults through this program provide access to a progression of classes and one-on-one sessions to encourage, support and help families attain a higher level of self-sufficiency. Services are offered in stages depending on the specific circumstances of each household.

Stage 1 | Basic Assistance

One-on-one sessions identify areas of greatest need and actions needed to stabilize the household. Services include financial and medical assistance, work-related assistance, referrals, coaching, encouragement, and prayer.


Step 2 | Life Skills Development

This stage provides individualized and group settings to help families achieve their goals. These options offer goalsetting, life-skills, and long-term life-plan coaching.


Step 3 | Career Skills Development

Multiple courses including Jobs For Life™ and our homegrown Work Ethic and Character Development course are offered. These work to inform, encourage and empower students to seek and secure a job that fits their gifts in a career paying a living wage.