Our Staff 

More about Pamela 

As the Camp Hope LVT Manager, Pamela Steward is responsible for the vision, strategy and
implementation of each camp to reach children and families in the Las Vegas Trail community.

Pamela worked in ministry and nonprofit organizations throughout high school and college with her church and teaching violin to children. She enjoys working with children and has a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. This passion led her out of the corporate healthcare industry, and into volunteer work with her church and community.

In her spare time, Pam enjoys coaching her daughter’s volleyball team with her husband, family movie nights, and reading historical fiction novels.


More about Kaleigh 

As the Camp Hope LVT Volunteer Coordinator, Kaleigh Lilite is responsible for the recruiting, and training of volunteers. As the Social Media Coordinator, Kaleigh is our Camp Hope photographer. With her photos she provides interactive posts on all media to raise awareness for the needs of the Las Vegas Trail community.

Kaleigh has worked in Camp Ministry for five years. Throughout High School and College she worked at Camp Tejas and Camp Anothen as a staff leader and administrative director. Kaleigh has also volunteered with the children and youth ministries within her local church. She enjoys working with children and teaching them about the gospel. She is also passionate about reaching the local community through the fun of camp! 


In her spare time, Kaleigh enjoys reading books on theology and philosophy, playing with her dog, and visiting with her friends and family. 


More about Amy