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Those Who Rise is a blog featuring LVT Rise volunteers and participants, as well as West Fort Worth Center of Hope neighbors. This blog is meant to provide an outlet for the LVT community to share their experiences, thoughts, and needs to those who are willing to listen.

When I met Camy, I was excited to speak to her. Camy had such a welcoming personality! However, we weren't able to get too far in our conversation due to the language barrier before us. Camy speaks spanish fluently and unfortunately, I am not bilingual. Our language barrier didn't hold us back though, because one of LVT's Rise's amazing volunteer translators came to the rescue. I am thankful LVT Rise is able to serve people of every background from every nation. I am also thankful that bilingual speakers are putting their skills to good use through volunteer work, because otherwise, I wouldn't get to share with you Camy's story. Here's a little snippet of what we talked about:

Q: Would you mind sharing a little bit of your story and where you come from?

A: Soy de Puerto Rico. Vine en un avión aquí con mi familia hace cuatro años. Me convertí en cristiano a través del trabajo que hizo mi familia en Puerto Rico. Mi hermano es pastor y mi hija también. Mi hija da clases de estudio bíblico a adultos y estoy muy orgullosa de ella. Sé que puedo tener fe cuando las cosas son difíciles para nosotros mientras oro y dejo mis problemas con el Señor. Sé que él responderá cuando sea el momento, así que sigo orando y mantengo mi fe.

A: I’m from Puerto Rico I came on a plane here with my family four years ago. I became a Christian through the work that my family does in Puerto Rico. My brother is a pastor and so is my daughter. My daughter gives bible study classes to adults and I am really proud of her. I know I can have faith when things are difficult for us as I pray and I leave my problems with the Lord. I know he’ll answer when it’s time, so I keep praying and I keep my faith.

Q: What is something that you love about your community?

A: Me gusta que den clases de inglés aquí, antes de que comenzara todo lo de Corona, iba a recibir clases de inglés gratuitas. Pero tuvieron que detenerlo debido a COVID-19. Realmente me gustan todos los diferentes servicios disponibles para mí aquí. Hay muchos cristianos en el área y creo que es importante tenerlos en una comunidad. También me encanta que cada vez que Willy llega a LVT Rise, rezamos antes de comenzar.

A: I like that they give English classes here, before all of the Corona stuff started, I was going to get free English classes. But they had to put a stop to it because of COVID-19. I really like all the different services available to me here. There’s a lot of Christians in the area and I believe that’s important to have in a community. I also love that every time Willy comes to LVT Rise, we get to pray before we begin.

Q: What do you appreciate about LVT Rise?

A: Me gusta que ayuden con lo poco que pueden con la comida. Las personas que ayudan con la comida son realmente buenas personas.

A: I like that they help with the little bit that they can with the food. The people that help with the food are really good people.

Q: How often do you participate in the food giveaways on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

A: Vengo todos los martes y jueves

A: I come every Tuesday and Thursday

Q: So, how would you say coming to LVT Rise helps your family?

A: Es suficiente ayuda para mi familia cuando la necesitan y la comida que obtenemos es muy buena y dura toda la semana. ¡A veces tenemos tanta comida que es incluso más de lo que podemos comer!

A: It’s enough help to my family at the time they need it and the food we get is really good food that lasts the whole week. Sometimes we have so much food that its even more than we can eat!

Q: What is something you’d want to say to those who put this together?

A: Estoy realmente agradecido de que todos estén aquí ayudando. Le agradezco a Dios que la gente ayude y salga a dar. Hay personas que se preocupan lo suficiente como para asegurarse de que otros obtengan la comida que necesitan y eso me hace muy feliz.

A: I’m really thankful that everyone is out here helping. I am thankful to God that people help and come out to give. There are people out there who care enough to make sure that others are getting the food that they need and that makes me so happy.

Speaking with Camy helped me to learn that LVT Rise does an amazing job making themselves available to the entire community. As a whole, I think if we all learned to rid ourselves of the fear of speaking to others who are different than us, we would have a lot more love in our hearts. Its people like Camy who inspire us all, to give, make friends, and share compassion with one another- especially during this time.

P.s. I used google translate for my spanish translation- however, I know google can be inaccurate at times. I challenge you to send this to a spanish speaking friend of yours and ask them how I did!

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Glory to God always, Kaleigh Lilite

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