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Those Who Rise is a blog featuring LVT Rise volunteers and participants, as well as West Fort Worth Center of Hope neighbors. This blog is meant to provide an outlet for the LVT community to share their experiences, thoughts, and needs to those who are willing to listen.

Ken was one of my first friends at LVT Rise. Ken is the embodiment of the impossible, yet possible. He is both a man of many words, yet a man of few words. Often, you will find Ken standing in the background working away. However, when you stop and get to talk to him, you can learn so much.

Ken is a family man, proud of his son and dedicated to his wife. He is a veteran, who has fought hard in service to our country. I am thankful for the chance to talk to him. The interview I had with him was short, but not in value! Here are some of the things we talked about:

Q: What inspires you volunteer?

A: One thing that inspires me is that we snacks for kids and we serve seniors. That’s what it’s all about. Like this lady behind me right now, she’s handicapped. We take care of them.

Q: What keeps you volunteering at LVT Rise even when you feel discouraged by those who take advantage of the good works happening here?

A: Ashley (LVT Rise Manager). She’s the one who got me here. I was working at YMCA, but I left, and I ran into Ashley and she encouraged me to volunteer. She’s amazing and she’s great with people. I wish more people would come out here and volunteer just to meet her!

Q: How would you encourage someone to volunteer who is hesitant to do so?

A: In your life, someone has taken care of you. You should do the same thing. Giving back is what it’s all about.

Q: Do you find it inspiring to help other veterans like yourself in line?

A: Absolutely. I will help seniors or veteran in need because they deserve it. Any soldier in need ought to be served. We should be a lot more compassionate towards our elderly and our vets.

Ken's character speaks volumes in this community. He really encourages all of us to boldly serve our neighbors. His credit to Ashley is rightly given, as she truly gives her all in service to her volunteers as well as their neighbors. Also, his point about serving children, veterans, seniors, and the disabled is very fitting for the community of Las Vegas Trails. I am thankful for Ken and his diligent service in our neighborhoods, and the hope he gives to those in need.

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Glory to God always, Kaleigh Lilite

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