Those Who Rise: Meet Trent!

Those Who Rise is a blog featuring LVT Rise volunteers and participants, as well as West Fort Worth Center of Hope neighbors. This blog is meant to provide an outlet for the LVT community to share their experiences, thoughts, and needs to those who are willing to listen.

I visited LVT Rise this week on Tuesday and met an amazing young man! Trent was getting food from LVT Rise's food line and talking with Alishia when she waved me over to talk with him. As soon as I met him, I knew our conversation would be honest. Trent's demeanor was humble and our conversation flowed so easily. I am so thankful for the opportunity to talk with this man, and I can't wait for you to get a look into our conversation.

Here's a look into our conversation:

Do you mind sharing a little bit of what you’ve been through?

I’ve been through a lot. I’ve been through a hurricane. I was in hurricane Katrina, so that’s why I came here.

When did you move here?

That was around 2005. I moved here to Fort Worth about four years ago.

Do you like it here?

Somewhat, yeah.

What is something that you love about your community?

I love that people are here giving food to people that need it. I love that they are helping people with bills too.

How have recent events in our country impacted you individually?

Because of COVID-19 I haven’t been to the places I want to go. So, I am still trying to figure out how I’ll do that. I really like to go to see sports. Like to go to the Rangers.

Also, the recent events regarding the George Floyd murder affect me because it’s not right that we get treated the way we do because of our skin color. Sometimes I experience it. When I go to the store the first thing people see is my skin color, I don’t want people to see me like that. Because I am not racist. I see everyone as one, you know? I see it like we are a family.

Is there anything you want people to know about you or the people in your community that you feel ought to be heard by people like myself who are outside of it?

Anything you want to ask, just ask. I am honest and will tell anybody.

Do you mind sharing about how you lost your arms and legs?

I was born like this.

So, I'm sure that's had a huge impact on your life. In what ways would you say that has affected you?

It’s been difficult, like very hard sometimes. Because I can’t do certain things as normal people do, like get in the car. I have to catch the bus and everything. You know? That’s hard for me.

How does LVT Rise, and other non-profits who are partnering with them, help you and your family?

It’s been helping a lot. It’s hard for me to explain, but it’s helping a lot.

What is something you’d want to say to those who put all of this together?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this. I really appreciate it. Because you’re helping me the most.

Talking with Trent opened my eyes. Trent was displaced years ago at the whirlwind of hurricane Katrina, and when he recalls his life story, that's one of the hardest things he's gone through. He regularly experiences prejudice because of how the Lord made him as well. And the reality is, he isn't the only one.

I am thankful for Trent's honesty and his willingness to answer any questions I put before him. His vulnerability goes to show that the people we are serving have a story worth listening to, and all we need to do is ask. If we are willing to listen with open hearts we can empathize in a way we wouldn't be capable of otherwise. WFW Center of Hope and our partners at LVT Rise want people like Trent to feel loved, feel safe, know that they are worth every second of our time, and every penny of your donations. We choose to serve the LVT community for this very reason.

Thank you for reading Those Who Rise. Would you consider donating? Your donation can help several people in our LVT community just like Trent.

Glory to God always, Kaleigh Lilite

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