Those Who Rise: Meet Vera!

Those Who Rise is a blog featuring LVT Rise volunteers and participants, as well as West Fort Worth Center of Hope neighbors. This blog is meant to provide an outlet for the LVT community to share their experiences, thoughts, and needs to those who are willing to listen.


When I first arrived on the scene of LVT Rise, I was greeted by several volunteers, Vera being one of them. When I met Vera, it didn't take much to start up a conversation. She loved to talk about volunteering with her community. It became clear to me within only a couple of sentences exchanged between us that family was everything to Vera. I knew by witnessing her bright personality that having an interview with her was going to be a fun experience, and it was! I am excited to let you in on this conversation:

Q: So, what got you started serving with LVT Rise?

A: My little sister. She called me about 6 months ago to ask if I wanted to help, and I was like “help on what?” When she told me I was like: “oh okay, well I got nothing else to do because I can’t work. So, I came over here. I am dedicated to this place.”

Q: Do you live in this community?

A: I used to! I used to live in these apartments, and then at the West Chase. The only place I go though is here because I know the people here.

Q: What would you say is beautiful about this community that you want everyone to know?

A: That we are friendly! There’s a lot of bad things people say about these apartments, but when the community actually comes around and they’re out here, they’re decent. They’re just regular people!

Q: What inspires you to serve this community even when you see bad things happening?

A: This is God’s work. This is something that God reminds me is for him, it’s helping his people. I have always been a helpful person. You help others whether you have it or not. Whenever I need help my community helps me, it’s only fair to give back.

Q: If you could speak to a donor who what would you tell them to inspire them to give?

A: You can help a whole meal with everything we have. If you donate something it could help a whole family. When it comes down to it, this is God’s work. If you’re going to donate, do it from the heart!


It's volunteers like Vera that encourage me the most. I felt that what Vera said is a great reminder to us: when bad things happen we shouldn't give up because this is God's work. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of who this ministry really belongs to. It's easy to forget the purpose of our service to others when we are taken advantage of. But, what Vera reminds us is that in spite of negatives there are overarching positives to keep in mind, namely, the people who are good, the people we can help, and the God who is in control of it all.


Thank you for reading Those Who Rise. Would you consider donating? Your donation can help several people in our LVT community just like Vera.

Glory to God always, Kaleigh Lilite

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