West Fort Worth Center of Hope: Spring Update


What's the Scoop? 

Firstly, we miss seeing our volunteers on a regular basis!  We hope this newsletter finds you well in the midst of unforseen times. We want you to know that we are thankful for your continued support during this season. We see your donations, as well as your likes, shares, and comments on social media. We know you guys are here for us, and we want you to know that we are here for you too! Secondly, here's what's happening with WFW Center of Hope: 

  • Due to the ongoing need for food in the LVT community, we have partnered with LVT Rise by providing groceries and supplies every week on Tuesdays. We have seen an increase in recipients as the crisis continues. This has given us ample opportunity to give and serve amongst our neighbors. 

  • One of our board members, Whitney Meintjes, dreamed up our Free Food Fridays! With her innovation, paired with our team's efforts and your donations, we have supplied over 500 free hot meals for families at apartment complexes in the LVT community. Not only have we supplied yummy food, but we've also given out fun gift bags to the children we meet! We will continue Free Food Fridays throughout the summer. Your donations make this possible! Free Food Fridays have been such a gift to our neighbors during this season, and it has allowed several local restaurants an opportunity for business! 

  •  Although COVID-19 has shaken many of our plans, it has not derailed our office renovation project! 

Our team has worked tirelessly alongside our board member, Tom Watson, to get our administrative office ready for you to visit! We plan to host an open house once restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of of our office in its completion! Thanks to our supporters we are now able to meet together as a team and work from an office. Having our own work space has provided our team with a sense of normalcy during such a complex season and we couldn't be more grateful for this blessing! 


How We've Been Serving 

Our apartment outreach has been consistently serving families in need within the LVT community. We learned of an opportunity to help a single mom and her three children by supplying home goods such as: living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen essentials, and other necessities. By sharing this circumstance with our ministry partners and on social media, every need was met. 

In addition, we have been able to assist families with rent and utility expenses. The number of families served continues to grow! None of this would be possible without the newest member of our team, Ms. Laretta Smith!

Laretta Smith is the Apartment Outreach Manager for WFW Center of Hope. She is currently responsible for assisting neighbors in the Las Vegas Trail community apartment complexes with rent and utilities, and ministering to/praying for those in need. Laretta brings valuable knowledge and expertise as a two-year volunteer with LVT Rise and has been essential in ordering food and supplies for our partnership with them. She is also the Director of the Birchman Baptist “Corners of the Field” Food Pantry and Apartment Ministry. Laretta organizes the annual community outreach events such as: the Christmas Store, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Summer Bash, which involves the local police force. In addition, Laretta is a single mom of a young adult son and loves to try to embarrass him every chance she gets. She also enjoys watching crime and medical dramas in her down time. As a Colorado native, she is happiest during a cold, winter storm.


A little taste of the future

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, our summer plans have been on hold to meet the current needs of our community. However, as restrictions are lifted, our team will have the ability to collaborate with our ministry partners. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding our summer schedule and volunteer opportunities!  Watch out for our new blog series entitled "Those Who Rise" featuring LVT Rise volunteers and recipients who share about the unique needs of their community. These blogs will be made accessible on our website through social media platforms. 


If you would like to support us through giving a donation, go to the address below!

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