WFW Hosts Their First Camp Hope in Las Vegas Trail!

Here's What's Happening with Camp Hope LVT!

Our first camp was a success! We are so thankful for everyone who took time to volunteer with us. You are the heart of our program, and there's no way we could do this without you! 

We had a total of 80 people attend, and by the end, everyone was a family. The campers and volunteers enjoyed learning about how important listening is to leadership.

The day began with games and activities, where the campers played ships and sailors and red light – green light. Watching the competition was hilarious! Then campers headed to storytime where they listened to stories and played a listening game of 'telephone'. Our volunteers were so interactive the campers lit up with joy. After this, the campers went to snack time where they made fruit and yogurt parfaits. We enjoyed watching young families do this activity together, creating fun memories! Lastly, all of our campers gathered for crafts where we made clothespin wind chimes and listening ears. Everyone had a blast! 

What's Coming Up:

Our next camp will be in the afternoon on December 7th at Western Hills Elementary School!

  • We will have a volunteer gathering to eat dinner, pray, and learn more about Camp Hope LVT on December 5th. Please RSVP by emailing our director at

  • Check out our facebook page and instagram to share our info with your friends! 

Current Projects

Our team is working on renovating our office space. This is exciting for us because you will be able to stop by and visit with us soon! 

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Thank you for reading!

Glory to God Always, Kaleigh Lilite

Volunteer and Social Media Coordinator

Published November 5, 2019

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